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Moving to Mount Dora

Moving to Mount Dora: The Ultimate Guide

Moving to Mount Dora: The Ultimate Guide

Hi and Welcome to Mount Dora!

We’re Stacy Bracewell and Shannon King, local REALTORS® in the Lake County area. We’re excited that you’re exploring the Mount Dora area and we have provided lots of information that should be helpful in your move to the area. If you have further questions, just ask! We are here as a resource to you!

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Map of Lake County, FL

Mount Dora is located in Lake County, FL. Lake County is located in the central portion of the state and is known for the hundreds of named lakes including the Harris Chain of Lakes. Lake County was established in 1887 when portions of Sumter and Orange Counties were merged. The county population is 367,118 covering an area of 1,157 square miles. The county seat is Tavares, FL.

Population of Lake County

Mount Dora is the 139th largest city in Florida. Mount Dora is currently growing at a rate of 2.11% annually with a population increase of 22.41% since 2010.  Mount Dora is 3.9% of Lake County’s population which is estimated to be 387,914. Here’s some information about the population of other cities and towns in Lake County.

Mount Dora Demographics and Crime

Unfortunately, as Realtors®, we are limited information we can share on the topics of demographics and crime. To avoid violating Fair Housing and keep ourselves out of hot water, we encourage you to take a look at this link instead. More information HERE.

Mount Dora Weather

Mount Dora Weather is pretty much a dream during the spring, winter, and fall. But there’s no need to beat around the bush when discussing Florida summers. They are hot and humid, but totally worth the tradeoff. Unless of course, you’re a snowbird living the best of both worlds! Check below for the current temps and average monthly temperatures in Mount Dora.


  Low (Avg.) High (Avg.) Average Temp Precipitation
January 51°F 72°F 61°F 2.4"
February 49°F 72°F 60°F 4.1"
March 54°F 77°F 65°F 6.0"
April 57°F 80°F 69°F 7.2"
May 65°F 86°F 75°F 6.1"
June 72°F 89°F 79°F 9.0"
July 75°F 92°F 82°F 7.7"
August 76°F 94°F 83°F 10.2"
September 73°F 91°F 80°F 6.2"
October 71°F 86°F 77°F 11.6"
November 57°F 79°F 67°F 1.9"
December 52°F 73°F 61°F 2.7"

Things to do in Mount Dora

Mount Dora is an extremely active community. It’s known as the Festival City since you will find the city has dozens of festivals each year.

Mount Dora is known as the “Festival City.” Most weekends you will find festivals and events scheduled. To help you plan your year, we have come up with a list of Upcoming Festivals and Events in the Mount Dora Area. We update this list frequently so please check back or sign up for our Newsletter to receive regular updates!

Mount Dora Area Golf Courses

Are you seeking a sunny, vibrant and pleasant place to tee off ? If so, look no further: Mount Dora, Florida is the ideal destination. Home to beautiful greenways and towering trees that line fairways – this quaint city offers a range of golf experiences for retirees and youth alike. From grassy parks offering beginner-friendly terrain to championship courses with luxurious amenities like clubhouses and restaurants, the Mount Dora area has it all! 

Mount Dora Real Estate

Mount Dora Commute Times

Experience the best of both worlds with Mount Dora’s strategic location near larger cities like Orlando. Revel in the tranquility of small-town life while benefiting from an easy commute to urban amenities and job opportunities. Mount Dora’s proximity makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle.

Location Commute Times
Orlando 38 minutes / 35.4 miles
Miami 3 hours 59 minutes / 261 miles
Orlando International
48 minutes / 44 miles
Tampa 1 hour 40 minutes / 106 miles
Jacksonville 2 hours 19 minutes / 141 miles
The Villages 52 minutes / 28.6 miles
Walt Disney World 41 minutes / 40.3 miles
New Smyrna Beach 1 hour 11 minutes / 56.1 miles
Daytona Beach 1 hour 12 minutes / 56.9 miles


Mount Dora's Best Restaurants

Mount Dora has fantastic restaurant options from gourmet to quick grab-and-go. Check out our post with all of the Downtown Mount Dora Restaurants. We have a thorough list of downtown and uptown restaurants, restaurants in the Mount Dora Marketplace, and those on the outskirts of town. Looking for waterfront dining? We’ve got it! Also, take a look below for details about some of the resaurants we have featured.

Mount Dora B&Bs, Vacation Rentals & Hotels

If you’re looking for a cozy weekend escape, head to Mount Dora! This quaint and charming town offers the perfect spot for weekend adventures. Just make sure to plan ahead of time since its popularity means rentals get booked quickly through winter and spring. With plenty of shopping and delightful eateries around every corner, it’s no wonder Mount Dora is so beloved!

Mount Dora Schools

As the 19th largest public school district in the state of Florida, Lake County Schools serves approximately 42,000 students. Here’s a map with a school locator for Lake County Schools.

Use this tool to search an address to determine which school a property is zoned for. Search Here

If you would rather your child attend a school outside of their neighborhood school, check out the video below for more information.

Educational Choice in Lake County offers a variety of programs that allow families to use public resources to receive education outside of their neighborhood school.

Check out our guide to Lake County Schools here.

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