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Lake County Real Estate Market Update

Lake County, FL Real Estate Market Update | March 2023

Lake County, FL Real Estate Market Update | March 2023

Are you considering buying or selling a home in Lake County? If so, you’re likely curious about the state of the local real estate market. You may have heard reports from friends or family that it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market; however, understanding exactly what factors determine this can be difficult to decipher. We’ll provide in-depth information about the Lake County real estate market and discuss how current trends are impacting buyers and sellers. With insights into recent price changes, inventory levels, and other key indicators, you can gain an understanding of where the local housing industry stands today.   If you have more Questions About the Lake County Housing Market, be sure to check our post.  

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Home Value Declines

Home Prices

It’s important to understand that home prices are not in free fall.

Rates Quote

Lower rates due to economic factors could be good news for buyers.

Current Real Estate Market Trends In Lake County​

Lake County Average Days on Market​

Lake County Active Listings​

Lake County Average Sales Price to List Price Ratio​

Lake County Supply and Demand​

Stellar MLS - April 2023 Statistics

Stellar MLS March 2023 Residential Stats – This report represents all residential listings in the Stellar MLS coverage area for March 2023.
For the Stellar MLS Florida coverage area, notable statistics state that:
* New Listings increased by 18% month over month and have declined by 11% year over year, while Active Listings inventory declined slightly from the previous month and is up 91% year over year.
* The number of units sold increased from the previous month by 37% and has declined by 14% year over year. Inventory increased for the same time frame.
* Total Sales Volume increased by 39% month over month and declined by 11% year over year.
* Average Days on Market has remained the same month over month. Not only has inventory doubled since last year, but the number of days they remain on the market is more than twice as long as a year ago.
For more statistics information, including a printer-friendly, black-and-white version of the below graphics, please visit the Stellar MLS Statistics Marketplace page at stellarmls.com/stats
Lake County Real Estate Market Statistics March 2023

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