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How to Spend Halloween in Mount Dora Area

How to Spend Halloween in Mount Dora

How to Spend Halloween in Mount Dora

How to Spend Halloween in Mount Dora Area

FAQ: Halloween in Mount Dora

How will you be spending your Halloween this year?  We can’t help if you’re still pondering over your costume, but we can at least assist in scheduling your Halloween weekend plans. Below we have included all of the best Halloween Events in the Mount Dora area.  We’ve also answered some of the most asked questions about Halloween in Mount Dora.

What time does trick-or-treating start in Mount Dora?

Trick-or-treating typically starts around 6 and lasts until 10 (or until you turn off your porch light).

What day is trick-or-treating on Mount Dora?

Many people are curious what day trick-or-treating takes place when Halloween falls on a Monday. It’s actually held on Monday in the neighborhoods, although there are a ton of options for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday events that are organized by the local community and churches. Central Florida does not have any specific rules in place for Halloween regarding age or times. Apparently, rules are quite common in other states. Check below for a list of Halloween events throughout town!

Halloween Sights and Decorations Around Town

We have heard about several amazing Halloween displays and want you to enjoy them too! *The location on the map may not be exact, as many did not provide their full address.

Halloween Mount Dora

Popular Trick-or-Treating Neighborhoods

Halloween Mount Dora

Many families choose to visit neighborhoods that are well known for actively participating in trick-or-treating. We’ve put together a list of popular neighborhoods. Click the link for a map with directions!

Halloween Events in October

Halloween Weekend Events​

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Halloween Weekend Events

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