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Tavares FL

Explore Tavares, FL | America’s Seaplane City

Explore Tavares, FL | America’s Seaplane City

Tavares | America's Seaplane City

The small town of Tavares (Central Florida) is just under an hour northwest of Orlando. Bordered by two beautiful lakes, Dora and Eustis, Tavares is home to 18,000 residents. While it was a sleeper town for many years, Orlando’s economic and tourism boom positively impacted the suburb. If you are looking for a great place to settle down for your retirement, Tavares is a great option to consider.

A brief history of this small town

Alexander St. Clair-Abrams, a New Orleans newspaper publisher and railroad man, founded Tavares in 1880 and named it after one of his Portuguese ancestors. The founder devoted time and resources to the development of this community, which began to grow as soon as the railroad reached its borders.

Over the last 140 years, more and more residents arrived as the infrastructural connection to Orlando allowed them to commute between the two cities. When suburbs became fashionable about three decades ago, Tavares, along with other neighborhoods like Mount Dora, became even more popular. Still, the city managed to retain its tranquility.

Enjoying Life in Tavares

One of the great aspects of Tavares is its excellent waterfront. Associated with Lake Dora and Lake Eustis, the town’s residents spend most of their time enjoying water sports and fishing, for which the municipality has even developed a water quality improvement facility. Many locals buy their own boat or kayak to enjoy the surrounding waters. It is also home to Tavares Seaplane Base, a children’s museum Splash Park and many other events, including the Tavares Air Show each year. The Tavares Nature Park, with 101 acres of green space and with its many nature trails, awaits hikers to spend a full day close to nature.

Deer Island Country Club, the only island golf course in Central Florida, is a course not to be missed if you’re interested in playing golf. Enjoy the wonderful wetland scenery while playing the 72-par course.

Due to the location of Central Floridan, the cost of living in Tavares is nearly 5% lower than the American average. The downtown Tavares entertainment district has international restaurants, pubs, and music venues, so you don’t have to drive to Orlando if you want to go out for a night. Tavares’ Through the Years Vintage Market is a place where you can purchase a variety of fascinating items and take home unique treasures. The Beautiful City can be reached within an hour’s drive. So when your grandchildren come to visit for a fun week, you can show them the wonderful Disneyworld in Orlando.

Cultural opportunities abound as you have access to 16 different museums and monuments in the area. The Lake County Historical Museum is the place to go to learn more about the history of the Tavares area. Lake County has many artifacts that tell of the unique history of the area and its people.

If the proximity to lakes and the sea makes you hungry for seafood, Tavares offers a wide variety of choices. Before your main course of dishes like the lobster macaroni with truffle oil or the Mahi taco, start your meal with crab cakes or clam strips. There are also chicken tenders, burgers, and quesadillas on the menu for those who don’t wish to eat seafood.

It’s no wonder the Orlando suburb is growing in popularity: The beautiful scenery, the proximity to nature while still having access to Orlando, the endless bodies of water for sports, boating or fishing, the beautiful parks, and the active social life invite people to live here.

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