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MagicTea Market

MagicTea Market: Boba Tea in Mount Dora

My 11-year-old daughter has been following the opening of the MagicTea Market with great anticipation. Well, the day finally came! The shop is still in its soft opening phase, but we decided to pop in and give it a try.

It’s a trendy shop with contemporary decor and cool lighting that gives it a different vibe than most shops in Mount Dora. The overhead menu shows dozens of varieties of tea and boba combinations and the shelves are stocked with Asian treats and groceries. Although boba isn’t new, it’s new to Lake County. Some might see boba as a novelty, but it really is a tasty treat and offers an option for every flavor preference. We sat in the shop for a while enjoying our treats and discussing our thoughts on the new addition to Mount Dora. My daughter asked if she could give her review…So here you have it!

Harper’s Review of MagicTea Market

Fresh Lemon Green Tea with Crunch Peach Bubbles

Hello Lake County! This is Harper, Stacy’s oldest daughter. I’ve decided to tell you all about my favorite local boba shop, MagicTea Market. They have some very tasty Asian snacks and flavorful boba teas. If you have never heard of boba, it is a delicious drink that originated in Taiwan in the 80s. Tapioca pearls and slush were a very popular treat at this time. So one day someone thought to combine it: Tapioca, shaved ice, and the most popular beverage at the time, tea. And then Boba Tea was born.

Whether you are into chocolate treats or fiery ramen, their snack selection was extremely impressive. I can’t even begin to explain the euphoric environment, from the helpful staff, and soothing but still trendy setting. 

I’ll be the first to admit ordering boba tea can be stressful. If you are looking for something fruity I enjoyed the Fresh Lemon Green Tea and added Crunchy Peach flavor bubbles. The crunchy boba is actually a chewy, gummy texture that added to the flavorful tea. We also ordered very delicious ice cream layered with mango shaved ice. This mango sundae was definitely a hit!

It was very hard to choose from the snack section at MagicTea Market, but we went with some matcha cookies. Although they weren’t my cup of tea, my sister loved them. I’ve tried my fair share of boba but MagicTea really stood out to me. I’m not the Gordon Ramsay of Lake County, but trust me and give it a try! It is conveniently located in the heart of Mount Dora just a few blocks from my mom’s office, ERA Grizzard Real Estate.

MagicTea Market
118 E. 4th Avenue
Mount Dora, FL 32757

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Author: Stacy Bracewell & Shannon King

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