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Hurricane Prep

Hurricane Prep: Lake County’s First Big Storm of the Season

As a Lake County native, I’ve lived through a lifetime of hurricane seasons. With Florida being a top destination for retirees across the country, we realize this might be the first big storm for many of our new Florida residents. We’re here to help you prepare!

This is a big storm, but nothing Central Florida can’t handle as long as we are all prepared! Hopefully, some of these tips will help both the newbies and the oldies 😉

Where can you find sandbags?

Check out this article for a list of all Lake County facilities that will start carrying sandbags as of Thursday, 8/30.

Where will shelters be set up?

Tap this link for a current list of all shelter locations in the county. Locations are separated by the following:

  • Open to the public
  • Open to the public + pets
  • Open to the public, pets, + special needs.
What should my disaster plan include?

It may sound like over preparedness, but a disaster plan is NEVER a bad idea when preparing for a storm. Head here to look into exactly what your plan should include.

How much water is enough?

As you watch your neighbor unload multiple cases of water, you may feel unprepared if you haven’t done the same. Stick to the “One gallon per person per day for seven days”. If you can’t find cases of water, put those yetis to use! Fill up your reusable cups and jugs with water before the storm comes.

What other supplies should my family consider?

Use this as a guide. Remember, don’t stress too much! Focus on what you think your family will benefit from the most. Check out this website for additional supply lists and planning tips.


Now would be a good time to charge laptops and portable chargers. These come in handy as power-outages wear on!

Grab some cash to have on hand. Credit card machines and ATMs will be down if the power is out.

Get gas when you see it available, but don’t waste gas searching for gas.

Print coloring pages for little ones, and look up games to keep the family busy. Things like this might be just the thing to keep the family sane throughout this time!

Helpful links:

This site is a GREAT source of overall information. The “helpful links” tab is great to keep handy for updated information throughout the storm and the days after.

We wish you all safety in the coming week and look forward to getting back to normal once Dorian passes.

Stacy Bracewell & Shannon King
Author: Stacy Bracewell & Shannon King

Hi and welcome to Life in Lake! We are excited to share our amazing community with you. If we can help in any way, don't hesitate to reach out. Stacy Bracewell and Shannon King, REALTORS®

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